Perform   Earplugs
Perform   Earplugs
Perform   Earplugs

Perform Earplugs

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Perform  Ear Plugs reduce noise for your horse/ pony, particularly those ‘unnatural’ sounds our equines find so unsettling: loudspeakers, machinery, clippers, crowd noise to name but a few. Even a windy day can be made less traumatic.

The unique, new shape of Perform Equine ear plugs allow easy trimming for a more bespoke fit for horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes.

Ear plugs can be of real bene t when used in all circumstances when loud noises can become

unsettling, at home or when out and about:

 Ear plugs will:

  • Help concentration
  • Improved focus
  • Reduce tension

Available in Horse or pony size